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There are Seven Critical Reasons Every Church Must Have the Gospel on Their Website

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If your website belonged to Jesus would He include the Gospel?

Make it possible for everyone in your Community to have access to what’s really important to you, your Church and the Savior.

Do you know what  nearly every Pastor we’ve interviewed said was the #1 reason they don’t have the Gospel on their website? It may shock you. It certainly surprised us. You may have even said it yourself.

Some of the questions answered:

…What role does the Holy Spirit have with your website?
…Would the gospel on your Church website really make any difference?
…What other uses are there for the Gospel than for those seeking Salvation?
…Why do less than 1% of “evangelical churches” have the Gospel on their own website?
…How can TheaXiomNetwork help your evangelism ministry?

“We believe it would be a lost opportunity of cataclysmic proportions if Gospel believing Churches in America fail to incorporate into their online ministry the very reason they exist, namely, to make disciples; starting with offering Eternal Life to the growing numbers of Online Seekers.”

TheaXiomNetwork: Changing Hearts, Growing Churches, Transforming the Web

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